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Be More Digital knows that the bottom line of any business is what really matters, which is why our products and services are designed to drive revenue.

Smart lead generation for LASIK centers is the leading way to generate new patients for LASIK centers around the country. Be More Digital has years of experience helping LASIK centers to market their services and turn out thousands of satisfied patients.

What is Smart Lead Generation for LASIK?
What is Smart Lead Generation for LASIK?

What is Smart Lead Generation for LASIK?

Our full-service solution handles the entirety of your smart lead generation strategy. We’ll develop your strategy, create your campaign, set up your auto caller, build your landing page(s), and generate monthly reporting so you know exactly how your campaigns are performing. Our model gives your practice the freedom to focus on doing what you do best: LASIK.

The Benefits of Smart Lead Generation

Be More Digital has over seven years of experience of managing lead generation for LASIK. Our relationships with laser manufacturer, Zeiss and their marketing experts, give us a unique advantage when marketing LASIK procedures. In addition to our done-for-you model, LASIK centers also receive access to an auto-caller to reduce the number of missed leads. When a LASIK candidate fills out a form during business hours, your practice will receive a call from our auto-caller and will be immediately connected to the patient for hands-on attention.

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Our Lead Generation Strategy And Process

Be More Digital’s Smart Lead Generation strategy uses the most advanced technology and highest converting strategies to attract individuals to your LASIK center. With our methodology, the whole process is much greater than the sum of the individual parts. The effectiveness of each one of these strategies is magnified and multiplied when combined into Be More Digital’s cohesive strategy.

Pay Per Click [PPC] Search Advertising

The first step of Smart Lead Generation is using high-intent PPC Google advertisements. The major benefit of Google ads is the automatic qualification of the searcher, since they’re raising their hand to receive an answer to their question and/or already aware of their need for LASIK. Our job is to align the candidate’s needs with your practice’s location and quality of service, and other selling points.

Custom Landing Pages

Once the candidate qualifies themselves with the google search and clicks on your ad, they’re sent to a customized landing page related to their search query and are urged to take action. These custom landing pages are highly optimized for LASIK candidates and their conversion rates are significantly higher than generic, information-based web pages. The ability to speak directly to a candidate’s questions and offer them an immediate solution is a powerful way to interact with LASIK candidates.


The landing page experience comes with the unique feature of integrated live chat so your LASIK coordinators can immediately engage with candidates. This immediate, personalized engagement dramatically increases the the likelihood taking the next step - like scheduling a consultation.

Leads Generation Case Studies

See why companies trust Be More Digital with their content marketing campaign success.

the client
D2C Teeth Whitening

D2C Teeth Whitening Brand Sees 3X Organic Growth in Just 2 Months

the client
Luxury Carpet Company

Luxury Carpet Company Sees 600% Increase in Organic Traffic

the client
Senior Living Company

Senior Living Company Generates 46% YoY Growth with Household Remarketing

the client
Operations Consulting Company

Operations Consulting Company Achieves Marketing Goals in 8 Months

the client
Restaurant Chain

Fast Casual Restaurant Chain Sees Immediate Lift with Household Remarketing

the client
Cannabis Extraction Company

Cannabis Extraction Company Sees Massive Organic Traffic Gains