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Why Be More Digital is the best option for your company
Why Be More Digital is the best option for your company

Why Be More Digital is the best option for your company

We know that the bottom line of any business is what really matters. Our customizable marketing services and products are designed primarily to drive outcomes.

What we do

With combined decades of experience, Be More Digital excels in performance marketing and has developed several performance recipes. Think of our "recipes" as marketing products that our team is continuously learning from and optimizing to achieve the best results possible. Take a browse below!


Lead Generation

  • Best-in-class PPC Campaigns
  • Focused end-to-end on customer journey
  • Call reporting and qualification
  • Real-time reporting and data visualization
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  • Resolve/deanonymize website visitors and match back addresses to leads/sales
  • Cookieless 1st party data for remarketing on social, display and direct mail
  • Circumvent walled gardens created by big tech platforms
  • Complete loop attribution
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SEO Sprints

  • Get more traffic from Google through 90-day SEO sprints
  • No long-term contracts
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Clear scope of work
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Video Production

  • B2C dynamic custom video content that will scale to fit any platform
  • B2B marketing and lead generation driven video content
  • BYOC video solutions that are optimized to achieve your marketing goals
  • Bespoke high-end video that is efficient and impactful
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SEO for the win!

A luxury carpet company that sells almost exclusively online was steadily losing organic traffic. Be More Digital performed a full Website Quality Audit (WQA), and identified several opportunities to increase organic traffic to the website.

the client
Luxury Carpet Company
Site health Increase
product pages optimized
increase in organic traffic
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Household remarketing works

The advertising team at Be More Digital activated immersive household remarketing to achieve community specific digital lead goals in a densely populated and highly competitive market.

the client
Senior Living Company
resolved households
QoQ digital leads growth
YoY digital leads growth
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Create new content and drive revenue

Not only did this cannabis extraction company see a 428% increase in organic traffic, but they also saw a 74% increase in form completions from organic traffic.

the client
Cannabis Extraction Company
Pages optimized
Increase in form completions
increase in organic traffic
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Custom digital marketing solutions

We understand that every business is different and may need a combination of solutions or only a small subset of solutions. Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help you reach your goals.

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