Senior Living Company Generates 46% YoY Growth with Household Remarketing

The Client
Senior Living Company
The challenge
The Challenge

A cluster of (7) senior living communities in the Indianapolis market was struggling to hit their individually set digital lead goals. Each community had different living options (i.e. assisted, independent, memory). Prior to immersive household remarketing, they heavily relied on search engine marketing (SEM) to generate marketing-qualified leads (MQLs). Although this strategy worked in delivering leads, there wasn’t enough volume to hit their community-specific marketing objectives.

The solution
The Solution

Search advertising works great, but it works even better when it's part of an omnichannel customer journey. Prior to activating immersive household remarketing, our client's customer journey was isolated to one experience with the brand, meaning there was no re-engagement from the brand if that user didn't become a lead. Given the long shopping cycle in the senior living space, staying top-of-mind was critical as they wanted to be in the consideration set. By activating immersive household remarketing, the user was not only added to a social remarketing list (the most common) but was also added to our programmatic display platform, which includes Amazon/Google display networks AND added to a website visitor CRM where they were auto-sent a direct mail piece within 48-72 hours of their first website visit. Immersive household remarketing is cookieless, and even more tactical and accurate than cookies/IP addresses have ever been, making it the perfect for companies looking to reach their prospects where their competition isn't.

The outcome

Business Impact

In the first month, all (7) communities achieved digital lead goal and overall there was a 46% YoY lift and a 38% QoQ lift in digital leads, making it the most successful quarter in the history of that market.

Identified Households


Year-over-Year Lift


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