Make better business decisions with data visualization and analytics

We want you to know exactly what is happening with your investment. We’re not shy about the metrics, we’re proud of them!
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The value of marketing analytics and data visualization

You cannot claim to be great at performance marketing and not have a transparent, quantifiable, and real-time reporting platform.

At Be More Digital, we excel at reacting to data, finding patterns in data, and optimizing to... (you guessed it)… DATA.

We have the people and technology to connect to almost anything. Have several disparate data sources? Have too many manual spreadsheet exports?

The Reporting & Analytics team at Be More Digital welcomes the challenge.

Advantages of marketing analytics and data visualization

Descriptive of what’s occurring
Prescriptive of how to proceed
Predictive of high-converting audiences
Creates a roadmap for future lead gen
Interactive reporting
Advanced ROI and attribution Analytics
Deep understanding of customer habits
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Our marketing analytics process

When conducted correctly, marketing analytics and data visualization will tell a complete story about your business’ marketing efforts.

Determining KPIs and Metrics

In order to have meaningful metrics and data that tell a story, the correct KPIs and metrics must first be selected. Different campaigns may be pursued for different reasons, for example, sign-ups, purchases, and more. Choosing the right metrics and asking the right questions is essential to getting the right data and the right answers.

Gathering Data Across Channels

Many marketing campaigns are run across different marketing channels. This requires the aggregation and synthesis of data from platforms like Google, Meta, Amazon, and more. Focusing on data from a single platform will create an incomplete picture of your campaign’s true performance and will yield limited forward-looking insights. Omnichannel data compilation is the best way to understand the entirety of your efforts and will paint a clear picture of what is performing well and what is not.

Data Analysis, Interpretation, and Visualization

Raw data is like the raw ingredients of a cake–they must be mixed together and then placed in the right environment before it’s digestible. The analysis, visualization, and interpretation of the data is where real insights happen. During this stage, we get to see what is actually working and perhaps even build predictive models based on the aggregated data.

Reintegration of Findings

Finally, the findings don’t just stay in a vacuum. For best results, the findings from the data must be re-integrated back into the campaign to prune under-performers, reinvigorate over-performers, and test out new insights. With enough time, these findings become cyclical and give new, highly-valuable insights about potential new personas that your brand can engage with.

Case Studies

See why companies trust Be More Digital with their performance marketing campaigns.

the client
Luxury Home Renovator

High-End NYC Designer Sees 78% Increase in Organic Visibility

the client
eCommerce Company

eCommerce Company Attracts New Attention with Organic Link Building

the client
D2C Teeth Whitening

D2C Teeth Whitening Brand Sees 3X Organic Growth in Just 2 Months

the client
Luxury Carpet Company

Luxury Carpet Company Sees 600% Increase in Organic Traffic

the client
Senior Living Company

Senior Living Company Generates 46% YoY Growth with Household Remarketing

the client
Operations Consulting Company

Operations Consulting Company Achieves Marketing Goals in 8 Months

the client
Restaurant Chain

Fast Casual Restaurant Chain Sees Immediate Lift with Household Remarketing

the client
Cannabis Extraction Company

Cannabis Extraction Company Sees Massive Organic Traffic Gains