ADA Website Compliance

The only thing better than winning a lawsuit is avoiding one altogether. Recently, there has been a wave of ADA lawsuits targeting small and medium businesses from predatory law firms, suing unsuspecting websites. The American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) sets certain standards for accessibility which are now being applied to the digital space, especially to small business websites.
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What can it cost not to take this serious?

On average, just settling one of these ADA lawsuits could can cost anywhere from $10,000 - $30,000+ and often affects the businesses least able to pay this sum.

These lawsuits are very easy to file in bulk and have become cash cows for a handful of predatory lawsuits around the country. The best and cheapest option by far is to make the website ADA-compliant before these lawsuits arise and avoid potentially devastating losses.

Be More Digital’s ADA Methodology

WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) is the set of guidelines that determine whether or not a website is ADA-compliant. These are the same set of guidelines that Be More Digital uses to evaluate your website and protect it. Our comprehensive methodology looks at the entire website structure to determine compliance for people with visual, hearing, and other types of disabilities.

Visual Compliance

People with visual impairments frequently use audible versions of websites to navigate them successfully. The best way to determine compliance here is by using the actual tools that an individual with a visual impairment would use and assessing their utility. This must be done on every web page to guarantee safety from ADA lawsuits. Furthermore, websites must be accessible to people with colorblindness and follow WCAG guidelines for color contrasts. Our Visual compliance methodology reviews every web page and determines which pages need improvement, as well as the exact details that need to be fixed.

Physical Compliance

Many internet users have physical disabilities which may prevent them from using a mouse. To accommodate people with physical disabilities, every website must be accessible using only the keyboard. This also must be done on every page to ensure that users can navigate the website properly.

Remediation and Defect Report

When all of the different compliance audits are finished, we’ll deliver a full defect report that details exactly what needs to be fixed on each page. This report includes screenshots, recordings, and other visual assets that detail exactly what needs fixing and why. No stone is left unturned.

VPAT and Custom Accessibility Statement

After implementing the different accessibility changes on your website, we will create a VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template). The VPAT is a formal compliance report that mitigates a website’s risk of being involved in a lawsuit. It explains what your company did to accommodate people with disabilities, the potential gaps in compliance, and where a user can report these gaps. After the VPAT is completed, we will write a formal compliance statement for your website. This allows users and potentially hostile law firms to see that you’ve done your due diligence and have acted in good faith towards people with disabilities.


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