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We love paid search advertising because it's the only advertising solution where the audience has intent, which means it's likely to have the highest return on ad spend (ROAS), than any other advertising tactic.

People go to the search engines to seek solutions to their problems and find answers to their questions, making it the perfect spot for brands to showcase their products and give the consumer what they're looking for.

When activating paid search/PPC campaigns for our clients and agency partners, we focus on the entire customer journey and put a strong focus on learning and discovering what makes our clients (and their industry/competitors) tick.

PPC Management Designed for Lead Generation
PPC Management Designed for Lead Generation

PPC Management Designed for Lead Generation

We are not a "set it and forget it" paid search management company. We set ourselves apart from other agencies by managing campaigns on a daily basis, leveraging machine learning/AI and activating the most sophisticated search marketing infrastructure that is customizable and scalable. Whether you have one campaign, or thousands, together we can help you reach your business objectives.

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How we do it?


Strategy Research and Development

Once we have a deep understanding of your business and your business environment, we conduct research to determine the best path forward. We monitor your campaigns from beginning to end to maximize your ROAS.


Demand-Driven Marketing

PPC marketing is the only marketing strategy that openly displays the searcher’s intent. Our goal is to understand the intent behind the search and how your company or product helps fill that need. Our ads convert intent into kinetic energy and send the prospect to a page that is designed to convert them into a lead.


Fast Testing

Any sort of advertisement will require a certain amount of testing. However, Be More Digital’s experience and record of success has helped us to shrink the testing period and reduce the learning time.


Full Transparency

Many competing agencies have opaque reporting (if any at all) making you unaware of how your investment is being allocated. However, Be More Digital provides a real-time reporting dashboard that is customized for your business. You will always know exactly where your money is being spent and what effect it’s having.

Paid Search platforms we manage

Be More Digital manages PPC campaigns across the most impactful platforms according to each business type and ad strategy. We work with…

Google Ads

Google ads is the platform that advertisers use to purchase and manage search, display, and video ads. Shoppers go to Google to get answers; in fact over 84% of all searches happen on Google. Stand out on Google with Be More Digital’s PPC service offering

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft ads are very similar to Google ads; they help you to appear in front of highly qualified individuals at the very top of the search engine results. Microsoft ads are used on alternate search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and AOL to reach shoppers that are adverse to using Google.

Other PPC Campaigns

In addition to managing and activating standard paid search campaigns, we have extensive experience with...

- Mobile App Install Ads
- Product Listing Ads (Google Shopping)
- YouTube Ads
- Local Services Ads

In addition to Google and Microsoft ads, we have deep experience and a history of success with...

  • 3rd party bid optimizers
  • SaaS budget management tools
  • Multi-account clients
  • 10-figure budgets
  • Advanced analytics
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Why Choose Be More Digital for Paid Search/PPC Services

When you want to be found on Google and show up for the most transactional keywords possible, Be More Digital's paid search management approach is how you get there.

Diversified Experience
Be More Digital is more than just a PPC firm. Our offerings include a broad range of digital marketing services which can be personalized to fit your business’ needs.
In-House Expertise
Be More Digital has decades of experience with professionals in all corners of digital marketing. We’re able to successfully engage with campaign creation, strategy, development, analysis, reporting, and more.
Customized Solutions
While industries do have similarities with best practices, no two businesses are the same. This is why we take a unique approach for every customer to do our due diligence before we start spending money on ads. We take the time to understand your business, your goals, and your audience before developing a plan for advertisements.
Transparency and Communication
Transparency and open lines of communication are key for the success of any ad campaign and you will always know what your ad spend is being used for. We also provide regular check-ins, granular reporting, and data so you can see the results of our efforts.
Results-Driven Approach
The goal of any good PPC campaign is to generate leads. We use data-driven insights to develop and implement strategies that yield increases in leads and revenue.

Advantages of PPC  Paid Search Marketing

  • Ideal for reaching individuals that are closer to purchase.
  • Has a fixed, yet customizable playbook
  • Versatility–PPC can be used for brand awareness and lead generation.
  • 100% quantifiable
  • Great for eCommerce and multi-unit companies - i.e. franchise
  • Meets the right person with the right message in the right place at the right time.
  • Zero guesswork and a fully-transparent approach
  • Real-time budget management
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How is SEM used in digital advertising?

How does paid search work?

What is SEM/paid search?

Case Studies

See why companies trust Be More Digital with performance marketing campaigns.

the client
Luxury Home Renovator

High-End NYC Designer Sees 78% Increase in Organic Visibility

the client
eCommerce Company

eCommerce Company Attracts New Attention with Organic Link Building

the client
D2C Teeth Whitening

D2C Teeth Whitening Brand Sees 3X Organic Growth in Just 2 Months

the client
Luxury Carpet Company

Luxury Carpet Company Sees 600% Increase in Organic Traffic

the client
Senior Living Company

Senior Living Company Generates 46% YoY Growth with Household Remarketing

the client
Operations Consulting Company

Operations Consulting Company Achieves Marketing Goals in 8 Months

the client
Restaurant Chain

Fast Casual Restaurant Chain Sees Immediate Lift with Household Remarketing

the client
Cannabis Extraction Company

Cannabis Extraction Company Sees Massive Organic Traffic Gains


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Custom digital marketing solution

We understand that every business is different and may need a combination of solutions or only a small subset of solutions. Get in touch with our team today to see how Be More Can help you reach your goals.

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