How to Market Senior Living Communities


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How to Market Senior Living Communities

The decision to transition a loved one into a senior living community is one of the most significant and emotionally charged choices a family can make.

For senior living providers, capturing the attention of these discerning prospects and their children amid a crowded marketplace is a uniquely complex challenge. A well-executed digital marketing strategy is no longer optional - it's essential for cutting through the noise, resonating with potential residents, and driving inquiries into the decision-making process. By using the latest digital tools and techniques, senior living communities can forge deep, lasting connections, alleviate concerns, and position themselves as the premier choice.

Understanding the Senior Living Industry

Recognizing the distinct priorities of seniors and their families is essential when developing a marketing strategy. Older adults often prioritize factors like safety, wellness, social connection, and the ability to maintain independence. Equally important are the concerns of adult children, who seek peace of mind, high-quality care, and communities that will treat their loved ones with dignity. Effective marketing must address these multifaceted needs head-on, highlighting how the senior living community can improve quality of life, alleviate caregiver stress, and provide the perfect blend of independence and support. 

While the messaging is important, the different distribution channels are equally as important. Essentially, the two main demographics that must be addressed are baby boomers and their Gen X children. Each of these can and should be reached in different ways. Many Baby Boomers are technologically literate and are comfortable using search engines and email, though many don’t use social media. Gen X, because they fully went through and understand the transition from analog to digital media, are generally comfortable with the entire spectrum of technology and distribution platforms available. 

Optimizing Your Website for Usability

The very first thing senior living centers should consider is their websites. A senior living community's website serves as the virtual front door, offering the first impression that can make or break a prospect's decision. Older adults and their families often begin their search process online, so ensuring your digital presence is optimized for usability is essential.

When designing your website, keep the needs of your target audience at the front of your mind. Prioritize clear, bold navigation that allows users to find information, whether that's learning about your community's amenities, understanding the admissions process, or accessing resources for caregivers. Be sure to use high-quality imagery that showcases your vibrant community, while complementing it with succinct, scannable copy that highlights your unique selling points. Equally important is ensuring your website is mobile-friendly, as many older adults and their adult children rely on smartphones and tablets to research senior living options. A responsive, easy-to-navigate mobile experience can be the difference between a prospect continuing their journey or moving on to the next community.

Leveraging Data for ROI Tracking and Optimization

A good website on the backend allows for the collection and analysis of data. Implementing robust analytics tools allows you to monitor the quantity and quality of inquiries stemming from your website, digital advertisements, and other marketing channels. Beyond lead generation, perhaps the most important metric is the conversion rate–the percentage of interested prospects who ultimately tour your community or submit an application. By understanding where potential residents are dropping off in the sales funnel, you can fine-tune your messaging, enhance the user experience, and remove any barriers to entry. Calculating your cost per lead and cost per conversion can further illuminate the ROI of your marketing spend, guiding you toward the most efficient and profitable strategies.

Nurturing Leads through Omnichannel Tactics

In the senior living industry, the path to conversion is often a winding one, marked by extensive research, multiple touchpoints, and the need to build trust and rapport. Effective lead nurturing through an omnichannel approach is essential for guiding prospects through this complex decision-making process and positioning your community as the ideal choice.

Email marketing serves as a powerful tool for maintaining ongoing communication and providing valuable information to interested leads. Senior living centers should segment email lists to deliver personalized content that addresses the distinct needs and concerns of independent living residents. Best practices include sharing engaging articles, community updates, and event invitations that showcase the community.

Complementing your email marketing strategy, a robust social media presence allows you to further connect with potential residents and their families. Leverage platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or LinkedIn to share visually compelling content that highlights your community's amenities, programming, and testimonials from current residents.

Beyond social channels, consider developing a content marketing strategy that positions your senior living experts as trusted authorities. Create an informative blog that addresses common senior living questions, provides caregiving resources, and offers tips for healthy aging. Distribute this valuable content across your website, email newsletters, and social media to establish your community as a go-to source of information and support.

Optimizing for Search Engines (SEO)

As older adults and their families increasingly turn to search engines to research senior living options, appearing prominently in these query results must be a priority. Optimizing your website content is the foundation of effective SEO. To do this, conduct thorough keyword research to identify the terms and phrases prospective residents and their loved ones are using to search for senior living communities. Frequently this is tied to a certain geographical area. With the keyword research completed, make sure the relevant keywords are incorporated into page text, headers, page titles, and meta descriptions. Additionally, create informative, SEO blog content that addresses common senior living questions and concerns.

Beyond on-site optimization, building a robust backlink profile is crucial for improving your search rankings. Some ways to help build these backlinks is by collaborating with local organizations, news outlets, and industry publications. Finally, regularly monitoring your SEO performance and making data-driven adjustments is key to maintaining and improving your search visibility over time.

Paid Advertising (PPC) for Senior Living Communities

While a robust organic search engine optimization strategy is essential, senior living communities must also leverage the power of paid advertising to reach their target audience. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, in particular, can be an invaluable tool in senior living digital marketing strategies. When executing a senior living PPC strategy, the key lies in audience targeting and ad creatives that resonate with the unique needs and concerns of older adults and their loved ones. Leverage demographic and location-based targeting to ensure your ads are served to the right people in your local market. The ad copy should also address common pain points while compelling users to take action.

Once you’ve created the ads, the landing page that visitors are sent to must reiterate and address the points that originally brought them there. These pages should maintain thematic consistency with your ads, featuring visually engaging imagery, succinct yet informative content, and clear calls-to-action that guide prospects further down the sales funnel. Continuous testing and refinement of your landing page design, messaging, and conversion elements can help you identify the optimal formula for driving inquiries and admissions.

Household Remarketing for Senior Living

In the senior living decision-making process, the primary prospects are often not the only decision-makers. Older adults considering a move to a senior living community typically involve their adult children or other family members in the research and selection process. Recognizing this dynamic, household remarketing has emerged as one of the most effective ways of reaching prospective residents. 

Household remarketing, a proprietary service offered by Be More Digital, combines traditional marketing methods, digital marketing, and first-party data. This tactic works by utilizing visitor tracking and cookie-based technology to recognize when multiple devices or IP addresses are associated with the same household. Once identified, you can serve tailored ads, content, and offers to these individuals, reinforcing your community's value proposition and guiding them through the decision-making process together. With the data they provide, physical mail can also be sent to the household as a type of tangible marketing that is hard to forget and serves as a powerful trust builder. Incorporating household remarketing into your digital marketing can help you cut through the noise, accelerate the sales cycle, and secure a greater number of qualified leads and admissions for your community.


Marketing senior living communities requires equal parts knowledge, empathy, and marketing know-how. The potential market for communities is massive, but the competition is also fierce so ensuring that you get the right messages communicated to the right audience as early as possible is key. This is where partnering with a specialized senior living digital marketing agency like Be More Digital can provide immense value. We simplify the process by developing and executing an integrated strategy tailored to your community's needs, eliminating the burden of building an in-house marketing team. Contact us today to discuss how we can facilitate consistent, predictable growth, or review our senior living case studies to see examples of past successes we've delivered for our clients.

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