eCommerce Company Attracts New Attention with Organic Link Building

The Client
eCommerce Company
The challenge
The Challenge

A high performing eCommerce client was excelling at SEO, achieving many first, second, and third results on the SERPs after several years of engagement with Be More Digital. However, their domain rating was lacking when compared to competitors which was the last crucial component to creating across-the-board SEO success. Their domain rating prior to Be More Digital’s efforts was sitting at 33, a rank that is not horrible, but also could use some improvement, especially relative to their competitors.

The solution
The Solution

Be More Digital conducted a full audit of all backlinks and referring domains for the eCommerce client. We also did a full audit of competitors' websites to understand the exact nature of their competition. With this knowledge, we got to work building backlinks from websites that had a domain rating of 40 or above.

The outcome

Business Impact

During a six month period, Be More Digital built over 46 backlinks for the eCommerce company which resulted in a domain rating jump from 33 to 40! We were able to secure links from many well known organizations such as Medium [94], American Express [91], Fiverr [91], Grit Daily [74], Good Firms [85], and AllBusiness [81]. Additionally, 10 new backlinks were added to the company’s LinkedIn profile. All of this resulted in a 26% increase in organic traffic, a 24% increase in referring domains, and of course, the 7 point domain rating increase.

Backlink Acquisitions


Domain Rating Increase


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