High-End NYC Designer Sees 78% Increase in Organic Visibility

The Client
Luxury Home Renovator
The challenge
The Challenge

A High-End NYC Designer was struggling to attract organic traffic in New York City–specifically Manhattan and Brooklyn–and earn larger contracts. Pay-per-click advertising was too expensive and didn’t make sense for their bespoke products. They soon settled upon highly targeted niche content as the ideal way to attract larger clients on a more consistent basis.

The solution
The Solution

As soon as the engagement started, Be More Digital went to work optimizing the existing blogs and web pages. After that, we did a 360-degree analysis to discover what they were already ranking for as well as gaps in their keyword strategy. With this data in hand, we set to work creating new blogs and pages to help them target higher-value keywords, and adjust their content’s focus to help them earn larger contracts.

The outcome

Business Impact

After 6 months of working with Be More Digital, the client saw a significant decrease in irrelevant keywords and a substantial increase in new, targeted keywords. From January 2022 to December 2023, the client's total ranking keywords in the top 100 of search results doubled from 2,300 keywords to over 4,100– a 78% increase. Taking into account that this is only in a single US city–New York City–this was a staggering accomplishment. At the beginning of this engagement, the client's visibility in the top 3 search results was about 27%. At the end of the first stage of the engagement with Be More Digital, their search visibility for the top 3 desired terms in NYC reached 60%! This, again, is a staggering accomplishment, considering 98% of all visibility is seen in the top 1-3 positions. This has resulted in the client seeing a 100% increase in organic HOT leads Year over Year, and this is amidst a higher standard for project size set in 2023 (+100k) compared to 2022.

Ranking Keyword Increase


Organic Lead Increase


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